Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lilly's Bridge Morning

They couldn't possibly be having more fun than me photographing them.
November at Lilly's Bridge

16x24 metallic gallery wrap
From the Agri-Civic Center Exhibit
March 1-31, 2011

Swift Island Awakening

The morning I had a perception shift, an awakening...

16x24 metallic gallery wrap
From the current Deb Russell - Landscapes of Lake Tillery and the Uwharries Exhibit
at the Stanly Agri-Civic Center.
2 more days

Morning Insight

10x20 metallic print, matted and framed

View from the steel bridge area on Indian Mound Road north of Norwood, NC.
On display at the Stanly Agri-Civic Center now

Swift Island - More Than a Bridge

16x24 metallic gallery wrap

The inspiration for this image's title comes from...
 "There is more to a fine bridge than dollars and steel and concrete.
 There is beauty."
The Honorable Luther H. Hodges Secretary of Agriculture - December 28,1961

Only 2 more days of my Stanly Agri-Civic Exhibit

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Swift Island Daybreak - one from my Agri-Civic Exhibit

Swift Island Daybreak - by Deb Russell
 16x24 Metallic Gallery Wrap

 Agri-Civic Center directions  Mon-Fri ~ 8am-5pm 
The exhibit is in cooperation with HD Photo Lab and  Falling Rivers Gallery.
My work is also on display this month in the front window of Falling Rivers Gallery.
Many thanks to Anita Ammerman and Jackie Layman for their work on it.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Agri-Civic Photography Exhibit - Open Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm

My exhibit, Landscapes of Lake Tillery and The Uwharries can be viewed in the lobby of the Stanly Agri-Civic Center during their regular business hours of 
8am-5pm  Mon-Fri, and any other time the center is open hosting other events.

McKameys and Inspirations in Concert  March 3 - 7pm
Charlotte Concert Band  March 19  - 7:30
101 Dalmatians the Musical  March 24-26 - 7pm

Above - The exhibit (& me), just after hanging with Anita, (mostly by Anita!) of the
 Stanly Arts Guild  Anita also snapped these photos.  "In Morning's Glow" is just behind me,
 from one of my Norwood/steel bridge series of shots on some early November mornings in 2007.
  The fishing boat drifted into my view after I'd been shooting for some time.  The smaller
 fishing image, "Lilly's Bridge Morning", to the left is from November 2009, and was shot from
Lilly's Bridge...the original Lilly's Bridge.

"Golden Swift Island" is just behind me. The Swift Island page on
 my DebRussellPhotographic.com site explains my personal and special connection to

 the historic structure.