Friday, November 13, 2009

My Lake Tillery landscape book is done ...the lake's gift to us

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Last week, I finished the project I most wanted to complete and share - LAKE TILLERY - Our River, Our Beauty. A collection of landscapes shot during winter, spring, summer and fall, along with sunrises and sunsets, it represents much of what I feel about our lake.

From 2007 thru early fall of 2009, I have enjoyed the hunt for the likes of dramatic, misty sunrises, the glorious color of fall maples and sunsets and the first pops of yellow-green spring buds twinkling along the lake's edge. Checking the local radar for cloud cover and movement, deciding on a couple of target locations, leaving the house with my tripod and camera before dawn and driving along the pre-dawn country roads simply makes me happy. It also makes me happy to show Tillery enthusiasts how beautiful and precious "the river", "their river", "our river" remains.

Of course the lake and it's surrounding rural landscape are also full of interesting photographic opportunities at all times of the day. Sometimes, I just walk across the street to one of my neighbor's docks to check the setting sun, or the morning light hitting the River Haven lakeside cottages and homes. Planning a vacation day and hoping for a misty daybreak or interesting light or clouds is exciting in it's own way. Not unlike a fisherman hoping for the fish or the hunter hoping for deer, I am alway looking for a unique capture of light and color. Showing up lots of times at the same place increases the odds of being in the "right place at the right time" every now and then. I admit to being lucky more than once and I admit to having another day job that makes the whole process even more randomly successful.
Creating this book has been Tillery's gift to me, and I hope you find it one, too.
LAKE TILLERY - Our River, Our Beauty can be previewed and purchased on

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120 pages - 10x8" landscape format
Premium paper

Available in softcover, hardcover with jacket, or hardcover image wrap

Finally, feel free to "comment" in the section below the book's description after looking through the preview on Here's my first such comment....
"This book is gorgeous! An inspirational and heartening book for anyone who values the beauty of the land and water we have left. For those fortunate enough to live in the Lake Tillery area, it is a beautiful record of the gems that are just outside their door and down the road."   ~DorotheaT
"Wow!!!!! You capture the magic of Tillery....the essence of why we are at

peace while there! "  ~ Ladonna.Greene
"Deb Russell has brilliantly shared her photographs of Lake Tillery with such passion and appreciation of the beauty of this body of water we call our playground, our vacation spot, our place of inspiration, our home".
"Deb, this book is such a wonderful display of "The Lake" in all it's fine natural glory! Thank you for all the work you've done to give us more insight to God's spectacular inspiration and beauty!!"
~Jean T.