Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed shooting at the Lilly's Bridge end of my old nook, the one that holds so many memories for me, and will probably be back to discover different angles, composition and light.

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In the introduction to the Smilebox, I mentioned "a bridge sage".  Near the end of my morning (a weekday) of shooting on my last trip to the bridge, I stopped near one of the folks fishing off the bridge.

Adjusting my tripod for just a few last shots, an old fellow, probably retired and enjoying a slow pace (sitting on left here) turned around to me and posed the question, "are ya 'bout caught up?".   Finally feeling my 4th shoot there had given me what I wanted for your project, I replied, "well, yes, as a matter of fact I do feel about caught up...yes, I do." I thought my reply was a positve and cheery one, and a very true one. 

A few seconds passed and I asked the same question of him.   His reply surprised and enlightened me.  With a happy twinkle in his voice, he said, "ohhh no, I'm never caught up...I've always got plenty to do...I always want it that way".  I hadn't thought he was "doin' much" before that, but in an instant, he conveyed the philosophy of thoroughly savoring each moment and anticipating all those moments to come.

...And that is way plenty to do

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tilbrewer said...

Thanks for sharing. Lilly's Bridge Cove is where I learned to ski when I was 8. That was a while ago. It will always be a special place. Great pictures.